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This book highlights a simple 8-step approach that parents could use to help themselves and their children adjust quickly and appropriately to the many changes that often follow divorce. Many parents find these steps very helpful, especially immediately following the separation of the family, which is usually a very difficult period for many families. During this period, parents are trying to get their lives back on track, while trying to ensure that there is only minimal disruption to their children's lives. "Adjusting To Divorce" is a very simple 8-step approach that helps parents and children adjust quickly to the life-altering process of divorce.






This special guided journal is designed as a personal tracking tool for your daily thoughts, feelings or symptoms. Recording these very important personal descriptors daily, can be highly beneficial from various standpoints:

 Firstly, it can prevent you from relying on your memory, which can be unreliable, especially as one gets older. Secondly, it can be used to track one's progress and important life changes. Thirdly, it can serve as an invaluable communication tool, for example, with healthcare providers.

 Finally, a review of one's daily entries can make one aware of significant life trends that could be developing, so that desirable changes can be made before things get worse. This journal can help you check your own progress very closely, giving you the opportunity to look back at any moment and see how far you have come. 

Keeping a personal brief journal is a great idea