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Mental Health Rejuvenation Packages

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Mental Health Rejuvenation Packages (Male, Female or Couples)



This 1.5-hour, confidential package makes a great gift for the man or woman, who works very hard but he/she neglects his/her mental health. He/she is tired, restless, and sometimes frustrated. Yet he/she pretends that all is well, while life continues to take it's toll. He/she is approaching burnout and he/she doesn't even know it. Sometimes he/she blames it on "Mid Life Crisis" or he/she blames others for the way he/she feels. He/she could use a Mental Health Rejuvenation consultation to get some of the feelings of frustration off his/her chest and give life new direction. This package makes a great self-gift or a thoughtful gift for someone who either needs a vacation or one who took a vacation but he/she did not take the time to rest or to re-evaluate his/her life to see how bad things really are. This package provides men and women with a good "heart-to-heart" discussion about life's dream, purpose and direction, about how one really feels at whatever stage he/she might be. It also provides men and women with the opportunity to "remove their masks," and to become more introspective by forcing them to explore their lives, how they are really living, and provide answers to "life's 4 main questions," and what they could do to feel much better, rather than deciding to keep wearing the mask, returning to business as usual, and pretending that all is well. This invaluable package incluses a comprehensive clinical interview, depression and anxiety screening, stress inventory, relaxation treatment and professional guidance. Please call (954) 438 5661 to schedule a confidential appointment for a Mental Health Rejuvenation Consultation.