Personal Brief Guided Therapeutic Journal

The benefits of maintaining a brief daily journal

The benefits of maintaining a brief daily journal

Journaling, is a very effective therapeutic tool that many individuals find useful. This volume, is a brief, ruled, guided journal with simple and useful reminders. It is designed to help you record highlights of each day for 5 years from the day that you started (regardless of when that may be). It is ideal for students from high school through college and even through adulthood. The practice of recording your daily highlights, can be beneficial from many standpoints. It prevents you from relying on your memory, which is sometimes unreliable. It can be used to keep you abreast of important life changes and trends, including personal thoughts, feelings and behaviors. Finally, it can help you check your progress to ensure that you are on track with your goals, and it can give you the opportunity to look back periodically and see from how far you are coming.

A hand-written journal is very important. Perhaps, even more than the notes than you write on your mobile phone. You could write in secret codes that only you can understand, and you don’t have to worry about anyone hacking into it. Unless you personally delete data that you entered, you will not lose any information. You will never need power to use it. You will never have to recharge it. And you will never need to worry about cracked screens or frozen information. Plus, it fits nicely into handbags and backpacks, so, you can take it with you wherever you go. Keeping a brief journal is simply a great idea.

May the next 5 years be some of your most memorable.

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Keeping a brief guided daily therapeutic journal is simply a great idea.